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Soybean Products & Pricing

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This 01 maturity soybean has the highest yield average in the last two years of NDSU trials north of Highway 200. This Corteva exclusive soybean is the new leader for broad acre placement.


Consistent 02 maturity soybean from year to year. Handles light ground and stress with the best of them. The soybean for your bean on bean acres.


This tall and dark 009 maturity soybean has very high yield potential. Turns July rains into big bushels. Put this on your best ground. 


Consistent, bushy 03 maturity soybean. Strong no till scores that make it tops in its maturity class. 



00/01 maturity E3 soybean with a 3a phytophthora gene to help fight against wet soils. Strong emergence and standability. Yielded 105.2% of average in Stine Elite testing trials. Glyphosate, Glufosinate and Enlist tolerant.


03 maturity E3 soybean. It too has a 3a Phytophthora gene to protect roots all year. Yielded 109.2% of trial average in Stine Elite Trials. Glyphosate, Glufosinate and Enlist tolerant.


03 maturity LibertyLinkGT27 soybean. Help protect yourself from Group 27 carryover with GT27 trait. This yield super power carries a 1c Phytophthora trait to go along with tolerance to Glyphosate, Glufosinate and Balance Herbicide(pending approval).

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02 maturity with SCN resistance along with strong emergence. Extend tolerant to control troublesome weeds.


03 maturity yield powerhouse with a 3a Phytophthora gene and scn resistance. Broad acre placement soybean. 

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AP Select


This medium bush 02 maturity soybean pods high off the ground and has very high yield potential.  Handles all soil types and is Enlist tolerant. 


03 maturity Liberty Link GT27 soybean that performs best on well drained soil. Great performance in all row spacings with strong emergence and standability. 

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